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October 26, 20112 Comments

As you know, all of my copter stuff (As well as Joe’s stuff) was locked in a trailer up near Mammoth Lakes for about a month and last week we finally got everything back.

Last night I got to working on the New Hex and here are a few pics of what I got done

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  1. SkidMark says:

    Very impressive! How big are those ESCs? I can’t wait to see this monster in the air!

    • CrispyCargo says:

      The ESCs are enormous! They are 50A RCTimer 2-7s LiPo ESCs and they are very heavy. Each ESC weighs about 50g (not including the wires). These were my original ESCs that I used on version 1 of my Y6. And when I save up some more money I’ll be replacing them with some lighter ones.

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