The Other Prop Savers

March 27, 20112 Comments

I’m doing a rebuild on my quad, enough to where I wanted to add some protection for my props as I re-tune after the the new configuration takes flight.  If you’re not 100% confident in your flying ability just yet, or you’re just sick of buying props ever time you get a little aggressive with your stunt flying, consider this method.  I used a training landing gear set from an old copter, but you can get them for around $5 online for a set.  I just tie-wrapped one on each arm and made sure it stuck out a bit passed the end of the prop.  I had a couple of white ping pong balls laying around that I drilled a hole through and that was it.

Protected Prop!

White for fronts and Orange for tail

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  1. Crispy Cargo says:

    Looks really clean Joe! I can’t wait to see how different it flies. I am wondering if when (in the unlikely event) you land or bump into something with one of the prop savers will it remain in the position it is currently in? It seems like if you were to hit something the balls would sink in toward the center of the frame? No? Just curious.

    Again, great job.

  2. Spackletoe says:

    Yeah, that’s an improvement that can be made, for now they’re pretty tight with the tie-wraps so they don’t move easily, but a backstop, or some kinda receptacle for the end of the rod, would be an improvement. I don’t think quads are ever done. haha!

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