Who are the Wild Pilots?  Currently we’re made up of 5 guys.  Some of us have been in RC game for decades, others just a couple years.  We caught the multi-copter bug in early 2011 and haven’t done much else since then.  It’s too fun!

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Here's spackletoe's biographical information for your reading pleasure. I like copters. Told you it wasn't very long. Oh.. wait, no I didn't. Sorry about that. I'm sure you didn't see the end coming like that. It was untimely, even. Ahh geez, now I feel the need to say more. I haven't mentioned monkeys yet. They're fun. Cya later!

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Fun-loving, off the wall, and energetic, this crazy red head sometimes enjoys building more than flying!

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I'm a professional tinkerer. Supreme wonderer. I NEED to know how things work and often I find out how by destroying stuff. I built, flew and crashed my first r/c plane within 3 minutes when I was 12 years old. I then discovered that r/c nitro hydroplane racing was pretty fun. When boats flipped or quit in the middle of the pond all I had to do was swim! I often have recurring flying dreams and I found that FPV flying is the closest thing to dreaming while I'm awake.

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I'm new to the RC world and got into it for the possibilities aerial video offers. I've always been into photography and videography and all things outdoors. I love camping and exploring, so taking to the skies is a perfect fit. I soon realized that building and tinkering can be as fun as flying and filming. I'm looking forward to building my skills and sharing some great videos!

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Bandicoot hasn't got around to writing a bio yet, but when he does, it'll be here.