Wild Pilots BANGARANG! quadcopter frame

September 10, 2014


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Measuring at just over 250mm motor-to-motor, but weighing less than its 250mm competitors, the Wild Pilots BANGARANG! is the mini quadcopter you’ll want, whether you’re in for some high-speed FPV racing, or just having the most fun you can have with your pants on!


  • Made from a combination of carbon fiber and G10 material plates to give the best combination of strength, weight, and cost savings
  • Created with 98% USA sourced materials! Everything we could get in the states, we did. Quality is important to us, and so is patriotism [insert Star Spangled Banner here]
  • Adjustable FPV viewing angle.  If you’re going to be flying fast, there’s a build-in option to tilt your FPV camera 10º so you can actually see that branch you’re about to hit
  • Collapsable arms that aren’t just for the convenience of making a small frame even more backpack-friendly, but they also act as crumple zones in a crash, folding away instead of shattering

Ready to fly, your Bangarang! goes something like this:

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