New Body with an Upper Deck

February 13, 20110 Comments

Throughout the weekend I found pockets of time to work on the quad.  The bulk of that time was spent getting the arms on the new body made of G10.  I screwed up and miscalculated the arms causing them not to be square, so I had to correct that which took some time. This project is really bringing geometry back to my head.  I tried to use the towel bars I had already drilled with the wood and that kinda screwed me a little since those holes weren’t as precise as they should have been. For the G10 body, I planned a bit beforehand with Omnigraffle.  I don’t want to brag, but Eddie Vedder is a fan of the new body design.

This weekend I bought a receiver to go with the transmitter I picked up on Friday.  It was more trouble than I thought it would be to find a receiver for the radio I got.  But hopefully the one I have will do the trick. I got the Walkera RX2806 for $48 at

The last thing I did tonight was add a 2nd level where the controller and maybe the receiver too will be housed. Since this is the part that contains the gyros and accelerometers that keep the quad level during flight, I’ve tried to take some of the shock and vibration out of it by adding rubber grommets at the top of each support leg.  I’m assuming I’ll be creating a lower level too where the battery will live and the camera will attach.  I still have to figure out what my plan is for the legs.  I’m expecting my motors/ESCs (Electronic Speed Controllers) to arrive early this week, so that’s when things will really get interesting.

Using the Electronics shelf

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