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February 18, 20110 Comments

Tonight I put the motor mounts on the arms, then mounted the motors. I used more of the G10 to make little platforms to give the motors a better base. I’ve made straighter cuts before in my life, but they don’t need to be perfectly square, so they’ll do the job. I’m trying to skip great detail to get to the whole “let’s see if this thing flies” part so that if it doesn’t I won’t look back and wonder why I spend 3 hours on something that didn’t matter.

Motor Platform

Once that was done I turned my focus to the wiring. I had been sketching out the wire routing and I finally landed on a plan.

Quad Wiring Diagram

Quad Wiring Diagram

It actually makes sense to me now. Getting it on paper helps. So with that plan and all of the parts in front of me, I started soldering wire connectors and stuff. I did all of the ESCs, one battery, and the battery switch (which I got to work!).  After that I felt a sense of accomplishment, so that was enough.  More tomorrow night!

Wired Switch (it even lights up!)

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