FPV video capture success!

May 25, 20110 Comments

It might look like a spaghetti explosion but the mess of cables in front of me has somehow resulted in a successful video capture test of my new FPV system (more on that later). I’m using an $8 Amazon.com find called “EasyCap” and plugged it into my Mac laptop to record the video AND audio signals coming from the on-board camera and microphone on my Gaui 330Xs quadcopter. Without further delay I proudly present to you the following “in-kitchen” aerial video… stay tuned for daytime flights OUTSIDE 🙂

(please excuse the quality – the video uploader limits file size to 7mb or less)

FPV video capture test

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I'm a professional tinkerer. Supreme wonderer. I NEED to know how things work and often I find out how by destroying stuff. I built, flew and crashed my first r/c plane within 3 minutes when I was 12 years old. I then discovered that r/c nitro hydroplane racing was pretty fun. When boats flipped or quit in the middle of the pond all I had to do was swim! I often have recurring flying dreams and I found that FPV flying is the closest thing to dreaming while I'm awake.

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