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March 14, 20113 Comments

I recently installed luminescent wire lighting on my Gaui 330X-S and I’m very pleased with the results! The colors are bright and easy to see even at higher altitudes. I threaded the FlyLites wire through semi-transparent flexible plastic tubing to help protect it and shape it into arcs. The wires came with controllers that allow you to change the lighting state from flashing to steady (I prefer steady). The kit cost less than $17 and is super lightweight. One controller can power 2 wires (even of different colors) and gets its “juice” directly from the radio receiver, provided you have an empty servo port. FlyLites are made by ElectriFly.

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I'm a professional tinkerer. Supreme wonderer. I NEED to know how things work and often I find out how by destroying stuff. I built, flew and crashed my first r/c plane within 3 minutes when I was 12 years old. I then discovered that r/c nitro hydroplane racing was pretty fun. When boats flipped or quit in the middle of the pond all I had to do was swim! I often have recurring flying dreams and I found that FPV flying is the closest thing to dreaming while I'm awake.

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  1. CrispyCargo says:

    Mark, that looks awesome. Really clean looking – I like it. I just might steal this idea for my Y6.

  2. CrispyCargo says:

    I also like how you painted your props. Good idea.

  3. SkidMark says:

    Thx! btw, those are not “painted” props. I bought them that way. They sure make orientation flying much easier. The black props are almost invisible once spinning but not these yellow ones, they are hard to miss 🙂

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