First Person View — Flying FPV, Baby!

April 5, 20120 Comments

Seems like Mark posted that setup for his FPV command station forever ago! Michael and I have just recently dove into the FPV world. Yesterday was my first outing piloting from behind the monitor, and man, it was a surreal experience. Really fun! I only flew through two batteries, but that was enough for the first time out. I only rolled the thing once on a hard landing–the battery alarm went off and my mind blanked. But why am I telling you… watch!

Yep, My first attempt at flying by way of FPV monitor (I don’t have goggles yet)
This is recorded with a GoPro Hero 2 on 1080p Medium setting, and there was all kindsa shutter roll (jello) so I used a bit of post-production in FCPX to fix that a bit, but it’s not great at that so I have some balancing to do with the copter, once that’s done the shakiness should go away.

My quad uses a gimbal for the gopro by sexycopter, and is controlled by an openpilot copter control. This was my first flight with the gimbal as well and it also could use some tuning.

Looking forward to the GoPro firmware release next month where I can shoot 720p @ 60fps on the Medium field of view setting.

My FPV gear was purchased mostly from, but a little was from and ebay.

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