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Sequoia… check!

May 13, 20130 Comments
Wild Pilots playing among the BIG trees of Sequoia National Park.

Wild Pilots playing among the BIG trees of Sequoia National Park.

A week ago, Wild Pilots (West Coast) went on another team outing.  This time we headed toward Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, home to the giant Sequoia trees.  These trees are (arguably) the largest living things on the planet, and they were amazing to be around, let alone FLY around.  Being in the presence of such historic things, we made sure to take great care in leaving only footprints.  The trip was a huge success and we got a ton of great footage.  We’re going through it all now and will have some video available in the near future to document the amazingness.  You have got to see these trees from above!

Death Valley… check!

January 16, 20135 Comments
Wild Pilots @ Racetrack in Death Valley

Wild Pilots @ Racetrack in Death Valley

Last weekend 4 out of the 5 of us took on Death Valley, California.  One of the most diverse terrains on the planet, Death Valley is 140 miles long and full of lake beds, canyons, craters, sand dunes, and even the lowest spot in the Western Hemisphere.  We’ll be posting footage from this trip soon, so sit tight.  Here’s a shot to tease a little.

Flying into Ubehebe Crater

Flying into Ubehebe Crater

Colorized DJI 450/550 Arms, Now on sale!

December 3, 20120 Comments

Choose from Green, Blue, Orange, Hot Pink or Yellow!

We’re very proud to add some commerce to our site!  Our first product offers some options for the multi-rotor pilot who cares about how their copter looks in the air.  We’ve taken authentic DJI 450/550 arms and put them through our dying process so that we can offer them in 5 new colors!

This is something that will hopefully fill a niche need with pilots of DJI frames, TBS Discovery, Ov3rQuad, and the many other custom frames which use these arms.

Head over our the store to pick up some arms that will surely make you the envy of your flying buddies.