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RC Cinema: “Top Quad”

March 11, 20133 Comments

topquadlogoI feel the need… the need… for… shoot, I forgot what I feel the need for.. hang on, it’ll come to me.

Anyway, we thought a bit about what kinda video we would do to follow the breathtaking scenery of Death Valley.  What we came up with doesn’t compare to that trip or the videos that came out of it in any way, shape, or form.  But what it might do is take you down memory lane, get a laugh out of ya.  So, the idea we had was to parody a popular flight sequence, and Top Gun was a no-brainer.  Crispy Cargo used to watch Top Gun over and over when he was kid (didn’t we all?), so I knew he was on board.  We recruited Vork to do some camera work, and be the stand-by Goose if we needed one (don’t tell him Goose dies). This video is the rest of the story.  We hope you enjoy the cheesiness of this thing.  We sure had fun putting it together!

We’re calling this idea of parodying movie clips, “RC Cinema”– and hopefully this is the start of something.  If it’s not, it’s not, but it would be cool because there’s a million clips I’d love to see re-enacted with Radio Controlled vehicles.  Heck we had a hard time choosing which scene from Top Gun to do, just think of all the awesome movie scenes that have car chases, plane dogfights, and space battles (hello, Star Wars!).  If you end up doing one, let us know!  You can download the RC Cinema title here (1080p-h.264).

BTW, I think I feel the need for bacon, just to close the loop.