Wild Pilots Meet Up

July 25, 20120 Comments

On Monday night all the Wild Pilots met up at Spackletoe’s garage to help SkidMark get a new quad in the air.  This was his first with an OpenPilot Copter Control and since most of us have had good experiences with CC’s and have much faith in it, we figured the night would go smoothly…. which it did!  SkidMark was up in the air before long and we were tweaking settings.

Here’s some key ingredients of the quad to be:

Cheapo frame (pretty basic with girl colors that he was teased about constantly) – $26
Hobby King F-20 ESCs  (flashed with SimonK’s of course!) – $7 x4
Exceed-RC Optima 400 2215-740Kv $17.15 x4
10×4.5 MultiWiiCopter props – $9.95
OpenPilot CopterControl – $89.95
Power distro – $1.45
Various 3S batteries… I think we were flying 3S/4000’s mostly.

SkidMark lives in Florida, so it was a rare treat to have eveveryone in one place.  We need to do that more.  While we don’t have any video of the maiden flight (worth showing), here’s some photos of the evening.  SkidMark promises to get plenty of footage from this bird in the near future.

New frame coming soon from Team-BlackSheep

July 20, 20120 Comments

From the makers of the Discovery frame (Team-BlackSheep) There should be a prototype coming in a few weeks according to Trappy’s post here on

This frame should address many of the issues people have with the Discovery, including the tune-ability of an asymmetric frame, and a possible fix to the vibrations that the arms seem to attenuate.

I was saving up for a Discovery frame, but now that I see this post, I’m gonna have to wait at least to see what they are talking about.

And according to Trappy’s post here, again on, he considers the frame complete and not in need of any modifications or updates. So that tells me that this new prototype is not an updated Discovery frame like I originally assumed, but an entirely new frame design. But who really knows. We’ll just have to wait and see. Here are some more shots of the beautiful TBS Discovery: