Colorized DJI 450/550 Arms, Now on sale!

December 3, 20120 Comments

Choose from Green, Blue, Orange, Hot Pink or Yellow!

We’re very proud to add some commerce to our site!  Our first product offers some options for the multi-rotor pilot who cares about how their copter looks in the air.  We’ve taken authentic DJI 450/550 arms and put them through our dying process so that we can offer them in 5 new colors!

This is something that will hopefully fill a niche need with pilots of DJI frames, TBS Discovery, Ov3rQuad, and the many other custom frames which use these arms.

Head over our the store to pick up some arms that will surely make you the envy of your flying buddies.

Fun with Leaves!

November 7, 20123 Comments

Crispy and I were experimenting with a new smaller quad build (more on that later) and decided to pop the new GoPro Hero 3 on in 720p/120fps mode.  Sure makes for some fun slo-mo!

TBS Discovery

October 5, 20120 Comments

Well I ordered my TBS Discovery back in late July and I finally received it a few weeks ago. The demand for the Disco is so high and it takes a while to get it (at least for me it did). And after I opened the box I realized the reason for the high demand. This frame is VERY well built and thought out. And assembly was very easy too! I had a few screws missing from my order, but a quick email to Trappy at TBS solved that – they’re sending the extra hardware free of charge.

To me, the icing on the cake for this copter would have to be the TBS Core. I’ve always flown 4S and when I got into FPV that posed a slight problem because FPV equipment runs off of 12V or 5V and the 14.8V+ from my 4S LiPo’s would most certainly fry them, so I resorted to running a separate 3S battery. In no way did it ever keep me grounded, but it certainly was a thorn in the side – having to deal with the extra batteries, charging them, dealing with excess weight, another thing to plug in and slap a LiPo alarm to, blah! No thank you. With the Core all I have to do is solder a few jumpers (once) and plug in the battery and GO! AND… I now have OSD (On Screen Display). The Core only informs you of battery voltage, current, mAh used, RSSI, and flight time – and really when you’re flying a multicopter, you don’t need anything else.

Here are my built pictures showing each step I took in assembly. I’m very pleased with this quad and I know its going to be my no. 1 quad for a long, long time.

New frame coming soon from Team-BlackSheep

July 20, 20120 Comments

From the makers of the Discovery frame (Team-BlackSheep) There should be a prototype coming in a few weeks according to Trappy’s post here on

This frame should address many of the issues people have with the Discovery, including the tune-ability of an asymmetric frame, and a possible fix to the vibrations that the arms seem to attenuate.

I was saving up for a Discovery frame, but now that I see this post, I’m gonna have to wait at least to see what they are talking about.

And according to Trappy’s post here, again on, he considers the frame complete and not in need of any modifications or updates. So that tells me that this new prototype is not an updated Discovery frame like I originally assumed, but an entirely new frame design. But who really knows. We’ll just have to wait and see. Here are some more shots of the beautiful TBS Discovery:

Testing out a new Gimbal

June 11, 20110 Comments

Picked up a new gimbal and got it to work on my Paris 3.0 multiwii board.