Body Swap, and More Parts!

February 12, 20110 Comments

Today some new components came that I ordered, it was like Christmas… if you bought everything for yourself.  Batteries, a terminal block, a switch, servo wire extensions, and some new material called G-10 for the body.  I didn’t really want to depend on the wood for the body integrity and exactness (wood could get a little play going after time).  I also picked up my transmitter.  It’s a Walkera WK-2603 6-channel Tx which isn’t the best radio I could buy, but for the $20 I got it for (craigslist), it will be more than adequate.  More on most of these parts later, when I need to install them.

Transmitter acquired!

The plan for tonight was to cut into a little G-10 and maybe getting the arms on it instead of the wood.  G-10 is a glass-epoxy laminate that is incredibly strong.  It’s like fiberglass on steroids.  I chose 1/8″ in thickness and when I ordered it I thought it might be too thin as my plywood was much thicker, but my fears were soon disproven.  I was in for a surprise when I tried to use my hole saw with my cordless drill.  It didn’t have enough power to get through the stuff!  So I called my dad and borrowed his ancient corded drill that has a lot more power (Thanks Dad!).  That did the trick and I cut the two circles within a few minutes.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll make more progress assembling the body.

G-10 is tough stuff!

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